Invoicy – Trusted, affordable Online Billing POS system Sri Lanka

Manage your all business needs

It doesn’t matter the size of your business. The Invoicy billing system will manage all your business in a single place.

Invoicy billing system is designed to provide a reliable, secure and cost-effective billing system to any business.

Focused features

POS Station & Billing

Ability to print sales invoices, bill sales through various payment methods, print invoices including discounts and record customer information

Expenses & Cash Flow

Easily manage all business expenses and analyze expenses based on category and business locations and know about cash flows in the business.

Stock Management

Ability to continuously manage the stock level and adjust inventory, and re-order quantity

Cash & Credit payment handling

Ability to make all payments related to cash and loan sales as well as purchase invoices

Bar Code Scanning

Ability to customize barcodes, read barcodes printed on products, customize invoices, create and print your barcode labels

Monthly Reports

Ability to view monthly and daily reports on business transactions

Multi Stores Management

Ability to manage stocks by managing several of your businesses or several branches of the same company separately in the same system


Stock re-order quantity, advance notice of payments due to customers and receipts from them

Product Warranty

Ability to select a period of your choice and record it in the Invoices by issuing warranty certificates for the goods

Customer Groups

The ability to offer exclusive selling prices and discounts by categorizing customers in the business

Product Discounts

Ability to set sales prices by offering discounts on items as well as deals on several things at once

Purchasing & Purchase return

Ability to record purchases and returns from suppliers

Stock Adjustments

Easy to manage and manage stocks by making stock adjustments, exchanges, etc.


Because it simply demonstrates the performance of the business, it makes it easier to make business decisions.

Trending Products

Being able to see for yourself accurate information about products that will provide future benefits to the business

Auditable Accounts

Ability to do all the accounting yourself, checking your business accounts

Manage Stocks

  • Remaining Stock Balance
  • Re-Order Level alerts
  • Batch wise stock balance
  • Store wise stock balance
  • Stock Transfer

Comprehensive Reports

  • Stock Reports
  • Monthly Sale Reports
  • Profit Reports
  • Trending Products
  • Customer Reports
  • Purchase vs Sell Report
  • Stock Movement
  • Stock Expiry Report
  • Stock Adjustment Report
  • Tax Report
  • Activity Log

Manage Branches

  • Multi-Store/warehouse Management
  • Cashier for each branch
  • Separate Invoice Layouts
  • Branch wise stock
  • Branch wise sale & profit


  • Basic Account Book
  • Cash Flow Book
  • Bank Account
  • Keep Multiple Accounts


  • Monthly Sales Summary & Chart
  • Branch-Wise Sale Graphs
  • Financial Statistics
  • Payment Dues
  • Stock limits